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5-Step Process

1. Discovery Call

This call is intended to discuss the prospect of doing business together. Zavvy will inquire about the business and the current frustrations and learn about the needs of the business. This will help both parties understand the basics of what is needed.

Our Discovery Call with You
Our Business Assessment for you

2. Business Assessment

This is an on-site or virtual walkthrough of the business processes and the software currently being used to operate the business. Additionally, Zavvy will review the financial reports and discuss in more depth the needs of the client.

3. Planning

Based on the needs identified through the assessment process, Zavvy professionals will develop a plan for improving the business processes, outsourcing the accounting, and upgrading the software utilized. Additionally, the financial reporting requirements, including the frequency of reporting, will be identified for the client. Included in the plan will be the monthly fees and the personnel that will be needed to accomplish the objectives.

How We Plan With You
How We Implement Our Services

4. Implementation

Zavvy professionals will implement the suite of cloud based software which best supports your business. We will work with you to gather the pertinent documents which result from the varying processes in your business. As necessary, we will work with other professionals in your business to provide the training needed.

5. Ongoing Financial & Accounting Services

Zavvy professionals are now in a position to provide ongoing support of the financial needs of the business which will provide the business with real time data so the business can monitor and project its results providing increased value to the shareholders and employees. The data will be available through the cloud based software and your Zavvy professionals will meet with you to review the financial reports as outlined in the planning phase.

Our Ongoing Services With You
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